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My name is

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A software engineer with a deep love for UI/UX and interactions that bring joy
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About me

I've been working in the industry for ~10 years and have been lucky enough to work in a wide variety of industries and technologies. That experience has led me to fall in love with front-end development and more specifically UI/UX crafting.

I take great pride in crafting robust and delightful UIs. I enjoy discussing with designers and product managers to find the best solutions to complex problems. I'm also a big fan of animationsand micro-interactions.

Current favorites

React / Typescript / NextJS

Previously used

Angular / C# .Net / Ruby On Rails

The fun stuff

One of my main hobbies is gaming. I have been playing video games for as long as I can remember, thanks to my older brother who introduced me to the NES and Genesis. More than playing games, I love making them. I spend a good portion of my free time working on small games and game jams.

Other hobbies of mine include watching movies and TV shows. Some of my favorite movies include The Shining, The Mist (underrated), and the original Star Wars (pretty much a perfect movie).

I'm also a dad to a wonderful almost-to-be 2 years old little girl called Abigail and a husband to a wonderful wife.